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Sorrento, Italy
Capri, Italy

Sorry for my severe lack of posts lately! I’ve been having technical difficulties with my Tumblr not uploading photos properly. It’s clearly jealous.



The town of Amalfi, Amalfi Coast, Italy
Fluffy essentials

Anonymous said: why do you never post videos anymore? i really liked them

Aww, I’m sorry. To be honest, between my main blog and uni work, filming, editing and uploading videos was just too much and I hate putting out videos that aren’t up to my standard. For the moment I’m just going to put my Youtube channel on a bit of a hiatus, at least until I finish uni (FOREVER!!) in November. Thank you for caring though! xx

thetirelesscompass said: I love your blog :) I already follow you! Check out my blog maybe? xx

Love it! Followed you :)


Maria La Gorda, Cuba
Tuscany, Italy
Bosnia & Herzegovina
Sorrento, Italy
Galleria Umberto I, Naples, Italy.
Blitz Vintage, Shoreditch