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Sorrento, Italy
Galleria Umberto I, Naples, Italy.
Blitz Vintage, Shoreditch
Bosnia & Herzegovina
Aladin Brick Lane. The best Indian in London.
Rhodes, Greece
Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Anonymous said: Do you travel alone ?

Sometimes! I like both. It depends whether I have people that are interested/able to go with me. If so, great! If not, that never stops me. Travelling alone is great because it forces you to make new friends and do your own thing without having to consider what others want to do haha. I find that when travelling with friends you don’t tend to branch out as much.

kookyandrambles said: i have to ask you. how did you do it (traveling)?

Well I’m assuming you mean from a financial point of view? This is something people ask me all the time, and it has a fairly simple and un-glamorous answer I’m afraid: working and saving. Like a mad woman.

I just have a job in retail, as I’m still at university, and I just work as much as possible and save the biggest portion of my pay I can manage, then travel in the university holidays! However, I still live at home, so this obviously makes it a lot easier to save seeing as paying rent isn’t on the cards yet. But I know what that’s like, I of course had to pay rent when I moved to London, but I still managed to save for Copenhagen and Turkey!

I always say, that if you truly want to travel you will find a way to make it work. Even if that means cutting down on the frivolous things you buy such a clothes, makeup, meals out etc. I usually work by giving myself an amount to survive on until my next pay and moving the rest to a savings account so it’s not there for me to spend. That’s the key.

Hope I helped! Message me if you have any more questions!

nonambidextrous said: Good old London! If you get a chance hit up the Mary Ward Centre for delicious vegetarian food (at queens square in Holborn.) or the Hari Krishna vegan mobile stall outside of soas university from 12.30. Donate as little or as much as you like! There can be a queue as students and workers love the food! :) ;) x

Oh no! I didn’t see this in time as my phone doesn’t notify me of new Tumblr messages and I didn’t take my laptop on my trip :( Are these trucks permanent things?

travelling-dreams said: I absolutely ADORE your Tumblr. Trying to resist re-blogging everything!x

Thank you so much lovely! Reblog away :) x

Monterosso al Mare, Cinque Terre